Villager "De-roboticising"

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    I think that after a while, the conversations with all the residents of Stardew Valley become very stale. Even with your spouse; conversations feel very unnatural and almost uncomfortable. The pre-set cut scenes where your character walks into someone's room feel really creepy, I think there could maybe be more responses for the character to give. It would be nice if some new interactions were put into the game and your relationships weren't solely based on if you have given people satisfactory gifts or not.

    I also observed that after a while, from when the lacklustre conversations feel justified at first, because you don't really know the villagers yet, the conversations don't really feel like they are going anywhere, I definitely feel like you should get more dialogue from people you have a better relationship with, and even get to ask people questions, like a few people randomly have the option once a day or something. And I think conversations should be a lot more open, instead of talking to people twice and then having them blank you.
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