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    In this thread, I'll upload my several houses, colonies and farms. First, I'll show you my vanilla creations. I hope you like them!

    My home (Villa Solar):

    My farm (Macmailan Estate):

    Volcanic colony (Trotzen City):
    Ciudad ruinosa.png

    Space station (Nostromo):
    Estación espacial.png
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  2. VuesaMerced

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    Also in vanilla, I built this island colony, which is too big to fit in a single image. It's sometimes a bit laggy, but that tropical aesthetic relaxes me.

    The beach:
    Isla 1.png

    The mall and the underwater neighborhood: Isla 2.png

    The city:
    Isla 3.png

    The other island and harbor:
    Isla 4.png
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    Let's start with mods. First, here is what I've built on my offline world.

    Second base (The octagon) and Bee farm:

    Ancient Essence farm:
    Granja Aether.png

    The Angry Dome:
    Cúpula de la ira.png

    I have to say that the Octagon is constantly changing, and maybe I'll have to redistribute the machines or built new rooms if the mods require it. The Angry Dome is unfinished, as you can see there are some free spots wich I'll use if I find the way to get angrier :nurumad:
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    And finally, I'm playing in a server called Alchemysthicalia, in which I've build a cathedral. I'm planning to decorate the it with the portraits of several people that i meet in the server. By the moment, I've performed two masses and earned some tithe :nurucool:
    Catedral 2.png

    This was everything by now, but I'll post more images if I build something worth to be shown or if I make important changes in any of this buldings I've shown. i would like to read your opinions, so feel free to write them in the comments. And, if you feel curious, click on my profile and take a look to my other several posts. Till next time!
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