Mob Wall Horrors, Blighthounds, Tentacle Fiends and more!

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  1. Bughunter

    Bughunter Spaceman Spiff

    Hi guys I just wanted to do a HUGE post on some great new ideas i have for the game.The art work for the mobs is partially done and the hand-drawns will probably be better than the sprites.I will also like some ideas for what kind of mob i should do, like if its from a crystal planet or a bomb planet etc.

    People Who Suggested:
    EpicFace (Rock Wurm Idea)

    First and the best (in my opinion) are Wall Horrors. These little BIG buggers like to hide in the "backdrop" and pop out when you walk past them. They have a special slowing attack they use when they first see you, Then they latch on to you and start biting. To get them off you have to jump and move vigorously, once they are off you have the capability to kill them.They have a high attack speed and low damage, and they hardly ever move unless they become detached from their host.Upon detachment they lose half of their current heath and will immediately try to reattach themselves to you. They are found in deep dark caverns on any type of planet, no matter what they camouflage to the environment around them.

    My next personal favorite is the tentacle fiend. It is a slow flying beast that is covered in tentacles which they extend to claw you. They have high defense and are hard to kill.They spawn on tentacle planets and can be semi rare, but upon killing there is a chance to receive a Fiendish Claw.With five of these babies you can craft a pair of Fiendish Razors, which is a high leveled weapon that deals a medium amount of damage but has a high attack speed. Occasionally a large group of Tentacle Fiends spawn with a Tentacle Wraith. Tentacle Wraiths are a fast moving tentacle beast that can use low forms of magic. the most common effects are the buffing of Tentacle Fiends and slowing effects against the character.Some of the buffs from the Wraith include attack speed increases, damage increases, movement speed increases, and the rarest the ability to explode upon death.When a Tentacle Fiend is buffed with "Explode on Death" it will blow up and shoot tentacles every dealing damage to the player and anything around the fiend Including other Fiends.These mobs are very dangerous in larger groups because of the high amount of damage they do although the attack speed they have is slow. ( more on Tentacle Wraiths below) Pixel Art Hand Drawn

    Tentacle Wraiths are a fast moving beast. They always stay around 10-15 Tentacle Fiends and try to keep them alive as long as possible.They themselves are not dangerous because of the low damage and mid attack speed, but the combination of the Fiends and Wraiths prove to be a dangerous pair. They are experts at low level magic and slowing spells. They use buffs to keep themselves and allies alive and able to fight, while slowing and confusing the enemy.They spawn on the tentacle planet's over-world under certain conditions as follows:It must be raining kittens There has to be at least 10 Tentacle Fiends on the planet, you have to be on the planet, and you can't have Bloodwillow armor equipped.The Tentacle Wraith will drop 0-2 Bloodwillow seeds which when 10 are crafted together it creates a Bloodwillow plate, Bloodwillow plates are used to craft the armor.This armor allows the user to be on the tentacle planet and have no wraiths spawn for a duration of 15 minutes the buff resets when you leave the planet. Hand Drawn Pixel Art

    Next on my list are Crystalline Juggernauts these big guys are heavy melee.They rely on defense,damage, and strength. They are fairly high leveled and prove a big threat by themselves, they tend to be very aggressive and if one of them attacks you, all the creatures near him will too.They are usually defending the smaller ranger type Crystalline Scoundrel(described later). The Juggernaut usually is alone but they have a small chance of spawning with the scoundrels.These mobs obviously spawn on the crystal planet.When killed they have a chance of dropping gems, gem related weapons, or The Magnetizer. The Magnetizer is a high level gun that when it kills a mob the mob's drops get pulled towards you. The only way to kill the Juggernaut is to deal the final blow with some sort of crystal related weapon( if there are any, if not then you just kill it).

    Blood Whelp- These are a flying demonic animal they are decent with melee and great with range. These guys use speed, damage, and fire to take you out. They typically spawn on molten planets or new large deposits of lava. They are low leveled but still pack a punch:iswydt:. they come in groups of 2-4 and rarely with a Blood Whelp Mother(described later).They fly around whilst harassing you with fireballs.Upon death they drop molten scales(25%), flame-berries(50%), and (Blood)Whelp egg shards(5%). The molten scales are used to make low tier weaponry,armor and medical stuffs. The flame-berries restore some health and give you fire immunity for 10 seconds.Now to the shards, every whelp drops a kind of shard, and all the shards do different things.The blood shard gives you a heath regen, extra armor, and a little fire immunity upon equipping in the shoulder or breastplate slot.When hit by a Blood whelp you slowly loose heath, catch on-fire, and if you're a newb.......DEATH!

    Gelu Hound- A frosty hound capable of devastating attacks.These wolves have a cold heart, Literally! they use mostly short range and melee attacks. These attacks include frost stomp, freezing breath, and they have a freezing bite.(These are mid level creatures)Frost Stomp is an attack where the Gelu Hound stomps the ground with its paw and sends a dash of ice in your face.Freezing breath has the same range as Frost Stomp but freezes you to the spot and deals a small amount of damage.Freezing bite is its melee attack, it deals a fair amount of damage and adds a "Slowed" debuff.Upon death the Gelu Hound drops dry ice(50%). The dry ice can be combined with thermite to make a "Dry Ice Bomb". Dry Ice Bombs have a small range and shoot out lots of shrapnel when they explode.To make the bomb you need three pieces of dry ice and 1 piece of thermite.Gelu Hounds come in packs of 2-8.

    Altum fish- The Altum Fish is a deep water toothed fish. they are weak, fast, and bio luminescent. They have electricity running through their bodies.If you touch one it will do damage and stun you. The creature only bites you as an attack. they don't drop anything but pixels. they come in large groups of 10-20.They are blue with green eyes and the glow purple.They will not attack unless you have something shiny in you inventory or you are wearing something shiny. they have bad eyesight and should not be considered a threat to people wielding at least sharp poking sticks.

    Rock Wurm- Rock Wurms are a large worm-like creature that pops out of the ground as you walk over their heads.they are slightly weaker than the juggernauts but have more DPS.They come in trios and do not make friends very easily.Once out of the ground they glide over the earth and attempt to latch on to you and bite.They are the soldiers of their nest and fight alien entities.The tunnels they make you are able to walk through for a short amount of time before they collapse.Upon killing them they drop rough rock shards(20%), rock flesh, and oiled gems{10%}(can be cleaned to make regular gems). Rock shards can be combined to make Rock-Mail, a weak armor that has extra blunt dmg resistance.Rock flesh is an ingredient for research to make a tonic that makes your skin harder for 8 mins.The Rock Wurm also has a chance of spawning with Rock Wurmlings and Rock Wurm Queens(see below)

    Rock Wurmlings- Rock Wurmlings are a smaller and weaker variation of the Rock Wurm. They are faster and have a higher attack speed. They are spawned by the Rock Wurm Queen and drop Oiled Gems rarely.

    Rock Wurm Queen- Rock Wurm Queens are the brood-mothers of Rock Wurms.They are heavily armored , have high attack and evade stats, and can "spawn" Rock Wurms. They have the same drops as Rock Wurms except they also drop Rock Wurm Pheromones. The pheromones can be used to pass through nests undetected by Rock Wurms, although it only lasts 2 minutes.

    Bombardier Beetle- The Bombardier Beetle is a lightly armored beetle with heavy weapons but low DPS. The Beetles prefer to be solo but can be found in packs of 1-4. They are found on metal and bomb planets.Their nests are full of explosive materials and loot, although some nest are trapped by beetles and have a trip wire at the entrance caving in the entrance and setting off the explosives. The beetles defend their nests at all costs and will even prefer to blow it up than to lose it. They drop low-grade explosives and Bombardier shells.The shells are used to craft mid level weaponry and mid level armor that gives to a buff of +%15 Blast resistance.

    ARMAGEDDON- The ARMAGEDDON is a Huge mech with high tech shield systems and weapons systems.They have a low movement speed and can be found on Robotic planets as mini bosses. They will sometimes spawn with other mechanical entities and tools. It's main attacks include Missiles, Spikes, a high caliber mini-gun, and Advanced plasma weaponry.When first encountered it will attempt to not use any guns or missiles on you, it will just stomp and kick you. After bringing its heath down to %50 it notices you as a threat and uses the heavy weaponry against you.If any robotic things (hostile) are near the ARMAGEDDON it will attach them to itself and use their powers. The machines will still function but share the mech's HP.Some of the loot gained from killing the ARMAGEDDON are power crystals, various metals, mech parts, fuel ,and last but not least PIXELS! and lots of 'em. If you look the debris of the ARMAGEDDON class mech you will sometimes find plasma weapons, Fusion cells, rockets, and random turrets and weapons.

    Bladewings- Bladewings are special "breed" of bat that only inhabit robotic planets. These bats' wings, claws, and teeth are sharper and harder than diamond. They come in large swarms and slice up the player. They are very dangerous and can be a nuisance to people of higher level. They have a very fast attack speed and do a medium amount of damage. They are quite susceptible to energy weapons and EMP related items. When killed, Bladewings drop various metals, 0-1 energy crystals, and machine parts. Most machine parts and be reassembled into other mechanical creatures. Ex. 3 machine parts + 2 bat wings + 1 diamond + 1 energy crystal = 1 Bladewing (Unactivated)

    Fleshmonger- Fleshmongers are large humanoid creatures that devour flesh. They have sharp teeth and claws that are used to tear flesh. Their saliva is acidic and can burn through the best of armor.They are loners and tend not to work with any other creatures. They are not very intelligent, so they have no houses or weapons.They come out only in the night and hide in trees waiting for prey. Upon seeing a meal they jump off the the tree and on top of the prey. They attempt to damage your eyes and blind you before using brutal attacks.(not done ill be done in a minute)

    Blood Whelp Mother-

    Wall Horror Loot-
    Demonic Heart
    Camouflaging Skin
    Demonic Teeth

    Tentacle Fiend Loot-
    Fiendish Claw
    Glaring Eye
    Sticky Ooze

    Tentacle Beast Loot-
    Bloodwillow Seed
    Sticky Ooze

    Crystalline Juggernaut Loot-
    Assorted Gems
    Gem Weapons
    The Magnetizer

    Blood Whelp Loot-
    Molten Scales
    Flame Berries
    Blood Whelp Egg Shards

    Gelu Hound Loot-
    Dry Ice

    Altum Fish Loot-
    Pixels only

    Rock Wurm Loot-
    Rock Shards
    Rock Flesh
    Oiled Gems

    Rock Wurmling Loot-
    Oiled Gems

    Rock Wurm Queen Loot-
    Rock Shards
    Rock Flesh
    Oiled Gems
    Rock Wurm Pheromones

    Bombardier Beetle Loot-
    Bombardier Shells

    Cant really say due to the fact i don't know the name of any guns in game.
    Power Crystals

    BladeWing Loot-
    Power Crystals
    Machine Parts
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  2. Imnotdavis

    Imnotdavis Big Damn Hero

    Wow, these are really good ideas, did you think of these yourself or did you get inspiration from another game?
    Either way, you thought of a lot for only 2 creatures. I like the jump scare idea, the only jump scare there was on Terraria was when the Skeletron popped up 2 minutes after you were lagging.
    I know this isn't gonna be a horror game but still, these would be a good idea for those kinds of people that like not only sit, type, and click but also make them almost jump out of their seat (or where ever you are at that time).
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  3. Bughunter

    Bughunter Spaceman Spiff

    Wow Thanks! i made these up all by myself :D im planning to come up with about 20-30 different mobs!
  4. BrutorDragon

    BrutorDragon Tiy's Beard

    I was hopeing for a "Yes ill vote for this, im in to that sorta thing" but i guess its allright!
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  5. Bughunter

    Bughunter Spaceman Spiff

    ? do you mean as the poll?
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  6. BrutorDragon

    BrutorDragon Tiy's Beard

    Yep X3
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  7. Imnotdavis

    Imnotdavis Big Damn Hero

    What would the difference be in "I want to see this in game" and "I LOVE THEM" be? If you love them generally wouldn't you want them in-game?
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  8. Bughunter

    Bughunter Spaceman Spiff

    yah..... ummm i kinda screwed up with that one lol
  9. Imnotdavis

    Imnotdavis Big Damn Hero

    So, for Tentacle Wraiths to spawn it has to be raining kittens? I want to see this in game even more now, because when it is raining kittens you can see tentacles coming out of the ground ripping kittens in half.
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  10. Bughunter

    Bughunter Spaceman Spiff

    I would love for that to happen but as you can see i crossed it out (im pretty sure i did) EDIT: yup i did :p EDIT:I want it to be like that but sadly i dont think kittens will be a type of weather
  11. Bughunter

    Bughunter Spaceman Spiff

    The Crystalline Jug is done!
  12. Bughunter

    Bughunter Spaceman Spiff

    Yet another mob introduced by me. Its the................Blood Whelp!
  13. Imnotdavis

    Imnotdavis Big Damn Hero

    Keep em' coming, they just keep getting more and more interesting.
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  14. Bughunter

    Bughunter Spaceman Spiff

  15. Imnotdavis

    Imnotdavis Big Damn Hero

    Can't wait to see the pics.
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  16. Kint

    Kint Star Wrangler

    So far, I'm really liking these creatures. Keep up the good work.:up:
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  17. Bughunter

    Bughunter Spaceman Spiff

    Thanks! :D
  18. Bughunter

    Bughunter Spaceman Spiff

    BTW anyone can tell me what kind of planet i should make a mob for next?
  19. Imnotdavis

    Imnotdavis Big Damn Hero

    Did you do one on an ice type of planet? You need to make an underwater monster too.
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  20. Bughunter

    Bughunter Spaceman Spiff

    I'll get on it

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