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    Howdy Farm friends,
    I tried searching the forums for this topic but only found one result which didn't quite cover what I was looking for.

    Have the rest of you noticed that the ponds on your farm land never seem to go dry? And that plopping down a sprinkler in the middle of your field seems to automatically pipe it to a never ending water source?

    By Mollygos! I sure am shocked at the magical nature of this here farm my Grandpappy left me.

    Is there anyone else out there who thought that when we got to our new farms we'd have to do all kinds of water management?

    Let me bullet point what I was thinking I'd see.
    •Ponds on the farm holding a finite amount of water, and are fed by stream runoff from the local river.
    •Ponds can also be refilled by the rain, in case the stream is blocked, or gets damned off, or dries out.
    •A buildable pump that collects water when placed (placed like the crab pots, directly in the water) which require wood, plastic or glass raw materials to make water units collectable.
    •Water storage, can hold a stable amount of water, more at once, and for a longer time period that you can build like the silo.
    • pipes, that lead to the water tower, which automatically filter and drain the pond, in order to fill the water tower.
    •Pipes leading from either the ponds or the water tower which are required for the sprinklers to work
    •Pipes purchased from Pierre, or crafted using clay and a kiln.
    •A way to farm clay easier
    •Kegs, Fermenters, bait machine, Crystallarium, Recycler, seed machine, rework several makers to require water to work, make them able to process from a stock of raw goods. Rather than one at a time.
    •Some crops require more or less water than others, they dry out faster or slower than average. Require sprinklers to have a timer function.
    •Moveable/Removeable ponds

    I love my current farm life, and I'm certainly not complaining about magic Sprinklers and never ending fountains, moving to Star Dew valley has been an incredible experience, I would just like to hear the opinions of my fellow farmers in regards to the mystic water fantasy of the Valley.

    I also had a few thoughts about missing modern technology.
    • My laptop, which let me look up information about crop growth times and fishing spots and had a calender program and event reminders
    •My cellphone, which I used to call people I was hoping to be friends with, it also gave me text notifications and alerts about when birthdays and festivals were about to happen, and could remind me about when crops were about to ripen, tracked my maker machines progress, and integrated with my smart farm 3000 scanner dishes to keep me up to date on new births, new produce, feed status and gave a list of my animals health, moods, and needs.

    I get there is a lot of signal interference in the valley, but I was hoping that wizard who lives in the spooky tower could develop a magic cellphone carrier service network.

    Thanks for your time fellow farmers, happy harvesting!
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      Would love to have it too! Really helpful but I think it would be difficult or couldn't be done at the current moment.
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