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  1. MouseyPounds

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    After learning the hard way that multiplayer profit margin affects the value of items in the judging at the fair, I decided I wanted a calculator that would include that choice. And, since manually searching through all my chests can be such a chore, I thought it'd be great if I could get an app to do the hard work for me. This is the result.

    The Stardew Fair Helper does two things. Primarily, it reads a save file and does its best to select the set of items which will give the highest points at the fair. Perks and profit margin are considered, and the location of the items is listed. The location information includes the map (and building, if applicable) where a chest is located as well as its selected color and name (if you have a mod like Chests Anywhere which supports naming.) Additionally, the app functions as a more standard fair calculator, allowing you to manually select items then running the numbers to tell you what result to expect. Items are chosen from a searchable menu.

    The app is available at https://mouseypounds.github.io/stardew-fair-helper/ and I would appreciate any feedback, suggestions, and bug reports that you have.

    Here's a preview of the input form, showing the information which was automatically filled out by the save analysis:

    And another preview of the summary of the expected scoring:
    • margotbean

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      I took the liberty of adding the link to the wiki page. I wanted to condense the existing external links into one section anyway, so it made sense. Hope you don't mind!
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      • Zosa

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        i'm still in summer2nd but i will give it a shot when i get to the fair ^^
        • One More Day

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          Can it predict when Gus will sell Survival Burgers?
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          • Saraneth

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            The ability to submit a file is fantastic! This is great, thank you, MP!
            • BentFX

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              It's great having it dig through your stuff to find an optimal entry for the fair. Now you just need to write an app that will dig through my stuff and tell me where I left my watering can.
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              • mrsbond

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                Just came across this mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/2086

                Same thing happened to me - stashed it somewhere to free up inventory space and then couldn't remember where it was. Also happened with my iridium rod, which I eventually found in a box in the greenhouse, but only after I had bought another one from Willy.

                Tried out the app - looks good! I would like an option to improve the variety of items chosen. For me it put in two battery packs. I really like that it tells you exactly which chest things are in. The fair is coming up soon for my character and I have been keeping items in one chest for my display, but the app is finding some good items in different chests.
                • PoweredbyGoo

                  PoweredbyGoo Space Hobo

                  the app doesnt seem to auto generate the items for the fair for me! it only takes my job and skills! help please!!!!
                  • MouseyPounds

                    MouseyPounds Cosmic Narwhal

                    If you zip and attach the save you were using, I can take a look at what's up.
                    • MouseyPounds

                      MouseyPounds Cosmic Narwhal

                      @PoweredbyGoo : Another user sent me an iOS save file and I found a small difference in the namespace designation that was causing the app to fail to parse stored objects correctly. A new version has been uploaded that hopefully fixes this issue.
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                      • Honeywell

                        Honeywell Subatomic Cosmonaut

                        So clever and useful--thank you.
                        • Tristin

                          Tristin Space Hobo

                          Very useful, thank you. This app does everything that I could ask for, except one.
                          I'd like to suggest a prediction for Skull Cavern reward, specifically for Red Cowboy Hat and Blue Cowboy Hat.

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