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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MouseyPounds, Feb 23, 2018.

  1. jeansousa

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    Hello, first of all, congratulations by the work @MouseyPounds, second, is possible to determine the RNG used for Special Quest / Mr Qi Quest order? I believe it's predetermined, because I manually reseted / restored the game save many times but it doesn't changed at all.

    Edit: As I see on source code, is based on number of days, seed and some meanings that turn it unavaliable (if is monthly, they can't be enabled other than start of the month, if they're also realized, etc).
    File: SpecialOrders.cs
    Function: UpdateAvailableSpecialOrders
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    • rgb26

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      I too am experiencing similar problems on iPadOS 14.2 after the Dec 28 update to the tool.. My practice is to paste the predictions for the next 20-40 geode cracks into a Numbers spreadsheet. This (great) tool was accurate on Dec 24, 2020. The predictions reported on Dec 29, 2020 are incorrect... the results from Clint’s hammer match results reported Dec 24. Running the revised tool on archived copies of the same game file at different posits in gameplay (1st day of each season) now reports results that are different than what was reported Dec 24... and are even different for the same game file, saved at different times. These unexpected differences are large, not just a shift in sequence numbers. Thanks.
      • Kurachi84

        Kurachi84 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        I still play 1.4 for now, and there used to be a Prismatic Shard somewhere below nr 100 of the geodes, which is now gone on the site, and when it was still there, i followed other geodes, and it worked perfectly fine.
        So now no more geode smashing until after an update fixed it, i guess.
        • MouseyPounds

          MouseyPounds Cosmic Narwhal

          Thanks for the reports. I had forgotten to mark the recent geode fix as 1.5-only. A new update is being pushed, please let me know how it works.
          • MouseyPounds

            MouseyPounds Cosmic Narwhal

            You should be fine. That option circumvents the normal RNG process to add the seeds and the predictor currently does not know about it.

            I will look into it, but if it relies too much on knowing which quests have already been completed it may not be suitable for the app.
            • rgb26

              rgb26 Space Hobo

              New update works great... matches results from version prior to Dec 28 update. I can start cracking Geodes and Treasure Troves again. Many thanks!
              • Kurachi84

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                Well, it starts with Prismatic Shard on nr 99 again, so that works :)
                Thanks a lot!
                • monkey66

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                  Happy new year everyone, red cabbage on the first year check box, the predictor does not show it , or am i missing something ?
                  and MouseyPounds super thank to you for the helpfull site
                  • MouseyPounds

                    MouseyPounds Cosmic Narwhal

                    Correct, the "Guaranteed" red cabbage seeds has special handling that I haven't worked out yet, so the Predictor currently does not display it.
                    • mythicalmax

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                      Thank you @MouseyPounds!
                      • esotericist

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                        it looks like it's possible for the predictor to get desynced on geode predictions under some rare circumstances: it's possible on occasion to get multiple geode crushers to give the exact same result at once, and on that occasion, they will not advance the geode seed for the duplicates.

                        this results in the predictor indicating your next geode is one or more geodes past what stardew valley itself will produce results for.

                        as far as i can tell the predictions are otherwise correct, it's just pointing to a different line than the game will kick out.

                        save attached; the dark grey chest next to the workbench right in front of the farmhouse has geodes in it. the predictor is currently one line off from the game results.

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                        • MouseyPounds

                          MouseyPounds Cosmic Narwhal

                          Yeah, geode crushers unfortunately increment the geode counter after rolling their treasure while Clint increments it before which is the core desynch problem. I'm not really sure yet the best way to communicate this in the app and the possibility of having multiple crushers going only complicates things further.
                          • esotericist

                            esotericist Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                            that sounds like there's at least two bugs in the geode crusher implementation. maybe we can get concerned ape to address that.

                            edit: i realize now that the offset issue is what caused my 'duplicate' results, i misread some data before, and that was a point where the algorithm would kick the results out multiple times in a row

                            so, just the one bug
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                            • suxexile

                              suxexile Orbital Explorer

                              Hat's off on your great work for these utilities @MouseyPounds !

                              As I looked into the predictor, there is something that I am curious about.
                              Would it be possible to predict the odds of a treasure floor/s appearing in skull cavern?
                              My assumption is that if treasure floor prediction on SC is possible due to it having the same mechanics as an seeing the odds of a prehistoric floor happening on a certain floor on SC, then predicting treasure floors would be possible.

                              Hope this would be an idea for a future update on the predictor. Well played to you!
                              • vhunt

                                vhunt Void-Bound Voyager

                                Thank you for keeping the predictor updated!

                                My feature suggestion is for a prediction of the Remixed bundles, if possible.
                                I was looking forward to this 1.5 feature, only to have my bundles end up being mostly the same :urgh:
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                                • GokuVenoct

                                  GokuVenoct Space Hobo

                                  Could you add a weather predictor? Adding weather to to preditor could be really useful for fishing and planting crops.
                                  • Alawren

                                    Alawren Void-Bound Voyager

                                    With Stardew Valley Helpers being retired, is there any way for the Predictor to indicate artifact locations? Your programs are SO helpful, I can’t imagine playing Stardew Valley without them! Thank you.
                                    • candybaroque

                                      candybaroque Space Spelunker

                                      thoughts on mushroom tree predicting?
                                      • juuniorlel

                                        juuniorlel Space Hobo

                                        why is the code about daily visitors at resort disabled?

                                        i'm going to the 4th season since i've unlocked the resort and i never seen Gus there, i need the tropical curry recipe for doing both trash bear quest and cooking perfection. i'm going crazy thinking that the days i forget to visit there == the days that this mf was there :disguise:

                                        i've uncommented the codes about resort and Gus really hasn't visited the resort in the past TWO seasons :')

                                        how lucky i am

                                        Update 2:
                                        >7 ig days passed >no rain >missed all predictions :// now i understand why it has been disabled

                                        I wanted to get perfection with the shortest possible time but this game hates me

                                        Update 874:
                                        1 in game day after: finally he appears!!!!!!!! now i can r.i.p
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                                        • Bartelmy

                                          Bartelmy Intergalactic Tourist

                                          Sorry if this has been suggested, but I'd find it handy to know when Gus goes to the resort. I've caught him now, but for a while, the recipe you can buy from him was the last one I needed, and it drove me mad waiting for him to finally get on the boat. I have no idea if that's predictable though.

                                          Edit: oh, silly me, it's discussed in the comment right above mine. I didn't even look - I assumed if it was there, it would be buried in the last 10 pages and I didn't want to look through all of them.

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