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  1. CadeStirling

    CadeStirling Subatomic Cosmonaut

    so i was using my vast resources a bit ago to work on improving my house when i happened to get to the roof and saw the small full moon in the distance and started thinking how cool it would be to have a werewolf mob that could spawn so i started thinking about a werewolf mod

    well...morph ball replaces your avatar with a ball that rolls n such and has its own physics....what if...
    kinda did something similar but without the rolling and pinball...low chance to spawn yeah but still....and the reward might be just amazing is my thought list on a werewolf tech/mob.

    so, lets recap:
    -werewolf npcs have rage 2 and regen 1 buff as well as health 2 buff for the challenge :3
    -werewolf npc gets claw attack and bite
    - werewolf npcs limited to frozen and fiery star worlds
    - werewolf npc rare spawn chance - and is one of the enlarged mini bosses like momma poptop
    - werewolf npc has uncommon chance to drop tech granting werewolf of its color. ( so its not SUPER farmy)
    - werewolf tech goes in body tech slot.
    - player werewolf has 3 minutes of play time before energy is depleted
    - player werewolf has primary and secondary attack: primary is claws, secondary is howl
    - player werewolf howl gives rage 1 for 30 seconds, ( rage 2 during night for 1 minute if possible? )
    - player werewolf passive regeneration 1
    - werewolf tech turns you into a werewolf of appropriate gender ( always felt just a generic werewolf model in games was just lazy)
    -werewolf form color depends on the color of the werewolf you got the tech from
    -can collect werewolf colors by killing werewolves? o.o
    -gear stats maintained
    -werewolf not toggle?
    - hot bar usage disabled until revert to normal form like morph ball?
    -energy regen slower after reverting to normal form for 30 seconds
    -werewolf form has 1min cooldown so you cant spam it?
    -gear stats locked at what they are when you transform.
    -attacks maintain weapon damage type. poison, electricity, fire ect.

    cant really think of anything else, it seems pretty balanced as is but if you have any ideas do let me know :D

    what do you guys thing, got any suggestions or ideas to add?

    if one of you fine modders wishes to take up this project pleased give credit for the idea at least :D im willing to lend help wherever i can n.n
    dunno spoot bout scripting and such but i know how to modify variables kinda

    thanks to breazy89 for the gear lock suggestion :D
    also apparently might have an artist too :O
    now just looking for a coder :D
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  2. breazy89

    breazy89 Big Damn Hero

    Another cool feature would be damage based on weapon equipped at the time of morph, elemental, etc, and damage resistance scaled upon armor. :)
  3. CadeStirling

    CadeStirling Subatomic Cosmonaut

    yeah thats what i meant by uhhh....gear stats maintained...though, locked to last equip is an excellent idea :O you'd be in it for the long haul :D

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