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    A werewolf is not something medieval , the werewolf is even in more modern times , the game the player can turn into a werewolf whenever you want if you have a medallion or any other item that will allow the player to control , then the werewolf is a larger-than- normal basis of race , have fur, claws , and will have extra abilities such as:
    - Attack with claws ( If not extiverem weapons equipped ).
    - Leap bigger.
    - Climbing a wall.
    - Run faster (between running and walking have a difference , as he walking four-legged ).
    The player can win the medallion on some quest or killing one werewolf ( MOB ) . And if he does not have this medallion and is attacked by a werewolf he has the virus , and overnight it will turn into a werewolf , but however if he has the locket , he can become a werewolf whenever you want.
    If the player does not want to be werewolf , there is a potion to remove the virus.
    During the transformation of the player will have a special effect and clothing that the player has currently using it will continue the werewolf but she will be torn.
    Some pictures for you to get inspired :
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  3. This is clearly magic, and even if it wasn't, it has a magical aesthetic.
    As much as I love werewolves, this doesn't belong in the game.
  4. DaviDeil

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    Sounds awesome.

    Like I always say, people on these forums are reluctant to anything remotely magic/fantasy, so dont mind that.

    Even if a scientific spin were put on it it still wouldnt satisfy some people, so I say just keep it magic/fantasy oriented because I think stuff like that can fit anywhere.

    Fun idea!
  5. Azerk

    Azerk Void-Bound Voyager

    It would not be like a spell, but like a virus, and until we can replace the medallion by a syringe with the virus (Syringe not consumable).
  6. Model QT-377665

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    Now hold on, this is not Terraria, this is Starbound, where there is NO Magic. Magic completely goes against the purpose and to a point, story of the game. Why bother with all the fancy shmancy technology if they're just going to rush "Magic" in the door? That is rhetorical, they shouldn't. Starbound goes for shiny future technology, you sir can take your wizarding cap and go.
  7. Azerk

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    I did not think like magic, but more like a butterfly turning into something better.
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  8. Then please refer to the second part of my sentence.
  9. Facethelight

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    Dude, the dev's themselves said they don't want the game to have magic
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  10. DaviDeil

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    It can be explained in a technological way. Offended much?
  11. Why does nobody listen to me...

    I already said, if it looks like it's magic, it's almost as bad as actual magic.
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  12. Facethelight

    Facethelight Existential Complex

    Hey look! I can cast fireballs! but its ok, genetic modification makes my genes produces flame out of my hand!
    No. The fact you're casting fireballs, something heavily magic related, is the problem here.
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  13. cutting edge

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    Maybe there could be a similar idea, where the player gets infected or altered in some form and becomes a random monster for a couple of minutes (like a debuff of some kind)
  14. That would work.
  15. Model QT-377665

    Model QT-377665 Ketchup Robot

    Pfft ,What is this? Bioshock?
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  16. Trowzers

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    I'm against this because werewolves are already in like a billion games and I'd rather they use original ideas than borrowing things that have been done so many times before.

    But catching a virus that turns you into something and you have to find a cure? I'd be more open to that. Just not a werewolf or a vampire!
  17. Fenruo

    Fenruo Void-Bound Voyager

    WERETIGER...problems solved.
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  18. Model QT-377665

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    *cough* Darkbound *cough*
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  19. JennShii

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    First of all, I think of Skyrim.
    Second of all, Lycans are what can transform. Werewolves are werewolves forever.
    Fourth, Sure :catface2:
    Apex are this but apes.
    Avians are this but birds
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  20. Ryfyle

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    Man, There must have been 50 different Werewolf threads before this one. Why cant some folks just let it be and just accept that they cant furry so hard in every game?
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