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Where's my 2-Handed Axe options? And...

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Axe Garian, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. Axe Garian

    Axe Garian Oxygen Tank

    1: Where the buggers have my fav Weapons, 2-Handed Axes, gone to since the Combat Update...? I'd swear my Glitch Craftable Axes used to be 2-Handed, not 1-Handed... :lod:

    2: With this new Armor System where Armor now also boosts damage, it's seeming to me like the strongest Warrior Armor now for doing damage... is the Mage Armor... am I seeing this right? I could use the Glitch Templar's Set for the Mage Path to hit much harder with Melee Weapons then the actual Warrior Armor, the Doom Lord's Set...? & would I even miss the extra Armor from the Doom Lord's Set, would the extra damage reduction loss even be that much? This wasn't a something pre-Combat Update, that's for sure...

    3: Are Melee Hunting Weapons like the Hunting Knife EVER gonna get Upgrade Versions? & it'd also be nice if the Wiki would list Hunting Weapons specifically on it so one could research which Weapons are 'Hunting Weapons' faster. (Hint Hint Wiki Peeps)

    4: Any ETA on the Implementation of the Racial Armor Set Bonuses? I want my Glitch Dude to be able to rip that turf out extra fast! It'll be awesome! :pwease:

    5: Was a decision on possible 2-Handed Axe Special Attacks ever reached? I still think being able to swing it for awesome damage with left Click & Throw it out & back like a Boomerang for its Right Click would be spiffy, & no it would not run over Boomerangs, cause a 2-Handed Axe being thrown would follow 2-Handed nature & be slower then the 1-Handed Boomerangs, there'd be room for both. As a second idea of 2-Handed Axe Right Click Special Attack, maybe it could deliver a huge powerful damaging swing that could also carry the 'Hunting Attribute' (Or whatever it's called.) like the Hunting Knife so 2-Handed Axes could be used for both War & Hunting. Seriously, we need more Melee Hunting Options, cause SOME of us peeps are not Katniss Everdeen, & the Hunting Knife as mentioned above refuses to have Upgrade options. Ya Devs can't force us to use Bows, whether ya like it or not some of us can't shoot with the damn things real great, yet don't wanna have to live largely vegetarian-like. :facepalm:

    Many thanks for your time. :)
  2. FloomRide

    FloomRide Cosmic Narwhal

    1: Axes are now 1-handed as they were inferior to hammers in the past. Now they serve a sort of purpose as one-handed weapons. Either take a hammer or a shield and accept ti.
    2: Yes, mage armor gives the most damage, which is a bit unfair to violium and impervium sets. This system was in place before the combat update.
    4: I believe Tiy said he wasn't planning on adding racial bonuses.
  3. Quenton

    Quenton Phantasmal Quasar

    Axes weren't inferior to hammers before. Axes could be aimed whereas hammers could not, but hammers did a bit more damage. It was really just a matter of preference.

    But, the new system is much better. It just takes getting used to. For one, I didn't think I'd like the "wind up" method that hammers now use but after messing with it for a while I really like it.
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  4. Axe Garian

    Axe Garian Oxygen Tank

    Hell no to being pigeonholed into Hammers! & I suck at using Shields! 2-Handed Axes FTW!!! :viking:

    Yeah, I think the way Armor was before this Combat Update + the Combat Update itself = they kinda missed a spot in their Plans... I wonder if they have anything in mind in regards to changing stuff in this regard to take the new Combat Update into account?

    I admit I haven't seen it mentioned in ages, but i'd swear it was in their plans during the earlier Starbound Days. Would help if the Devs would say something on this matter again & clear things up.
  5. FloomRide

    FloomRide Cosmic Narwhal

    You can dual-wield axes, if it makes you feel any better.
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  6. Axe Garian

    Axe Garian Oxygen Tank

    I know one can dual wield in this game, but I tend to be better at 2-Handed use then Dual Wield... plus i'm unsure what the second wielded axe would do that the first one does not. For my R Slot I use a Flashlight.
  7. FloomRide

    FloomRide Cosmic Narwhal

    Just hold both buttons down for double dps, or stack elementals like ice and poison.
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  8. Axe Garian

    Axe Garian Oxygen Tank

    OH, they can swing at the same time? Ok, I might have to give that a try... Many thanks for the info!

    I still want 2-Handed Axes back though... though Dual Wielding 1-Handed Axes might be able to serve as a band aid fix... for now...
    --- Post updated ---
    My apologies for this Double Post & Thread Necro, but have 2-Handed Axes returned to this Game in Starbound's Full Release?

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