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Why can't all hair and clothes in the game be unisex?

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by 00haruhiro, Jul 31, 2020.

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  1. 00haruhiro

    00haruhiro Void-Bound Voyager

    First of all, I apologize for my English, which is not the best, anything that sue out of context can ask me

    I really like starbound, and I didn't play for a while until I decided to play again

    And I noticed a difference between female and male hair, I'm a girl but I have more appreciation for male hair, and there was one in question that I liked a lot, but that I couldn't use

    You might think "Well, just play with the male character"

    But, I feel slightly uncomfortable with this, more with the issue of pronouns.

    Since when does hair have gender? it would not be better to just make it unisex, in addition to the players having more variations capable of doing with their characters, would make less people feel a little bad about it

    Anyway, if anyone knows how to make any changes to the codes to make hair unisex please help me
  2. Daikon Ocelot

    Daikon Ocelot Spaceman Spiff

    Don't worry about it, it's fine. We can still understand you.
    Not me, I know that some male hairstyle are indeed looks great in female.
    Well, hair doesn't have any sex indeed (hair is a hair, not animals or plants). But I think the different hair for male and female is just to make the character easily distinguishable. I mean like, some hairstyle can be fine for both sexes, like maybe the long, short, or even bald. But some other can be a bit weird and unnatural, like male can have beard, moustache, or both, but female doesn't, and female can have a more long stylized hair, while male doesn't (well again, it depends on the taste of each of us, I am just trying to explain in general). And that's why there are some (not all) sex restricted hairstyle in Starbound (especially for the Human, and it looks like because other races have a different hair from Human, they have their own, most of their hairstyle looks fine for both sexes, unlike the Human).

    Anyway, if you're uncomfortable with the default set of hairstyle in Starbound, why not try to look for mods that expands the choice of hairstyle (I am quite sure there are mods that does that), rather than trying to mess around with the code?
  3. Pangaea

    Pangaea Forum Moderator

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