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Bug/Issue Wildness Map need tweak

Discussion in 'Support' started by amyhistoria, Oct 31, 2016.

  1. amyhistoria

    amyhistoria Industrial Terraformer

    As I'm playing in a new save file, using wildness farm, I encounter many issues:

    Bushes: Can't remove them, they don't grow berries as well.
    Ponds: Only the left bottom one provide some opportunity of fishing. The middle pond is still consisting trash, while bigger than the standard farm pond.

    Grass tiles: Should contains some foragables.
    • Mr.Mudkipss

      Mr.Mudkipss Big Damn Hero

      the forage farm? or the wilderness farm (monsters)? with the forage map, there are forageable items on the grass! and the reason the ponds dont give fish is cuz then the fishing map would be pointless :/
      For the bushes, a simple save file edit would fix that!
      • kittyhawk

        kittyhawk Poptop Tamer

        Bushes: Cannot be cut with the starter axe, you need a copper axe, and some of the ones around the outer edges cannot be cut at all. They also do not grow berries until later in the Spring... is it possible that you are looking too early?

        Forage is not found on the Wilderness Farm. If you are playing on the Forest Farm, you may have some forage in a spot that you haven't found yet. Especially look behind the trees to the immediate left of your house and also in the upper right corner of your farm. I believe forage resets at the end of the week (Sunday?), so perhaps that will fix the problem you are having.

        I started the Forest Map using a pre-1.11 save file. I was experimenting and used that same save file over and over again. The first few times there was lots of forage. The last time there was none at all... not even in a hidden spot on my farm. However there was some forage in a couple of unreachable spots around the map! That problem was supposed to have been fixed in v1.11. Even though other forum members said they've had the same problem with post v1.11 files, I haven't been able to duplicate it after trashing the original save file.
        • amyhistoria

          amyhistoria Industrial Terraformer

          I found the berry bush do generate some berries in 18th.

          I have a forest map save, in which I upgraded my axe early. So thanks, I think I found the solution.

          For the forageables, I simply think that ALL farm map should have some on grass tiles.

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