Winterlight - Extinction (work in progress)

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    This is both the result a little experiment I have in mind, and to brainstorm ideas for a comic, consider this as the written version, and as such; bound to have multiple errors and or incoherencies, perhaps unintelligible at times and lacking in detail. Think of this as a very early proof of concept.


    "Pull in the reins... hold back the hunger...
    No, now its too late
    Hold back the hunger... its too much to bear...
    what a big, big mistake"

    Once laid, a curse can never be broken, destroyed, or cleansed. The victim must be forever bound to its effects, and even in death it would still torment the victim; unable to change their fate, those who are cursed are prone to any kind of machinations to rid themselves of such ailments, this led to a terrifying practice: that those powerful enought or with great influence, may find the only viable option to get rid of a curse; bestow it upon a clean soul.

    A clean soul is like a blank slate: pristine, young and empty of any influence the world might inflict on them; Only the youngest of children might qualify as the unfortunate vessels, and even so, it is of great risk and danger for them, as the entering and leaving of a curse would test the sanity and physical limits of the most determined beings alive.

    A curse however, is far from being just a burden to its host, they are seen as gifts of nature itself, and are utterly and completely unpredictable as of what kind of benefit they bestow on their hosts. In a world surrounded by the unknown influences of the spirits. Those adamant in learning their secrets view the curses as the most prestigious blessings worthy only of those with a soul strong enought to influence the world.

    This would be the fate of two young children: Farya and Eros... *TBC*

    In a young world, beset by ice and unending winter, people are forced to live a mostly nomadic life, with the exception of the larger clans with enought land to settle. One of these such clans is Hokkamata, a now ex-nomadic tribe of fox people, proudly presenting a silver coat which gives them a clear advantage in the harsh conditions of their environment, a rare few are born with pristine white fur and hair, making them almost invisible to the untrained eye. These natural predators are called Winterlight, making them the most effective hunters, responsible with meeting the feeding demands of their brethren, are regarded highly due their responsibilities which they are expected to meet with flawless dedication.

    On the dawn of her life, Farya, a young Winterlight and next in line to the position of chief of the Hokkamata, would be tested to the limits of her skills on her first real hunt, forever changed by an irreversible fate...

    **note** this is a quick attempt at writing a sea of nightmarish ideas for a story I have rewritten countless times for over 13 years, its largely unfinished, rushed and mostly unpolished and in need of a lot of attention, I am going to rewrite this post-haste to be more understandable, but those who might be interested; I would love to hear your opinions, doubts, ideas, suggestions, corrections, experiences in writing. I want to finally get this story going, and I think I will only be able to if I start sharing it with others, even if little by little. I will also try to provide illustrations from time to time to solidify any key moments as the story evolves.

    (Keywords to be used)
    Strike the soul**
    Limitation, fear*
    Hate, frustration*
    Duty, rectify*
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    I really enjoy the descriptive language uses in this piece. The whole concept is unique and very interesting. I look forward to reading more!

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