Race Woz, The Greedy and Exploitative

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    The Woz are a race of liquid gel like creatures of various hues that take a humanoid look. Their look and society is largely a Steam Punk style which compliment with what could be described as their hyper-capitalist society.


    by Dragonith


    by Crossfang

    by Rhomboid

    by Dragonith

    NOTE - If any artist interested in bringing this race to life via more pixels, or something more fancy it would greatly be appreciated.

    In Game

    Name Usage
    So Woz is used for both singular, plural, adjective
    Example of Singular: Look at that Woz. You see that Woz. That Woz is doing something strange
    Example of Plural: Look at those Woz over there. The Woz are hard working, but greedy. A Group of Woz are coming.
    Example of Adjective: Woz ships are incomeing. The Woz colony is empty. The Woz business has a lot to offer.

    The Woz style is largely steampunk since it’s indicative of the Industrial Revolution and Victorian era which could be considered the High Mark for Capitalist philosophy which drives Woz society. I also see them as speaking like the English using Slang and Idioms popular on the Isles.

    First Option: Is Color which would be equivalent to Human Skin Color. Just a range of colors on the wheel for the Woz to be.

    Second Option: Would be Head Shape the Woz would have access to various styling similar to hair on other races. I also imagined having other creative shapes like horns, or cat ears.

    Third Option: Would be Dye Pattern in line with Human Undy Color. Basically a selection of patterns for the Woz secondary color.

    Fourth Option: Equivalent to Human Hair Color it would be Dye Color which would be a selection of colors for the Woz Dye Pattern.

    I'm open to any suggestions that would work better for the Four customization options.

    Armor Ability
    This is probably subject to change, but the idea I had was that they get automatic healing that gets progressively faster with each upgrade, but the health upgrade would make automatic healing the same pace to fully heal, or even slower because you have more health to heal.
    Another idea is that you get a pixel boost with each armor upgrade, but that could become irrelevant late game.

    Character Story
    I think I'm pinning down a story for the Woz. So the Woz characters back story is they're contracted to take on a series of tasks with each new task only being revealed after the previous one is completed. Unfortunately just as they're getting by transporting a parcel they're attacked by some Novakid who steal the parcel and you barely escape in a now damaged ship. This is where the story begins. Basically each mission is completing assigned tasked beginning with the recovery and ultimate delivery of the parcel eventually leading to an unexpected pay off in the end.

    Main idea for the ship is that it is shaped like a Blimp with a steampunk vibe. I imagine the captains chair and the first compartment are the gondola and the rest of the ship expands upward into the balloon above.

    Ship Pet
    Originally I was thinking simple slimes that you see in a lot of games and such, but then I remembered this bit of shameless Capitalist Enterprise and realized that they would be the perfect pet for the Woz.


    I can just imagine the Rock rolling around your ship with it's googly eyes shaking about and just looking silly.

    Resurrection Sequence
    I imagined you have a jar that shows water being pumped into and a electricity jolted into. The jar bursts and the contents grows and bubbles into your Woz.

    Lore and Description

    Body Make Up - The Woz are made up of a large colony of Microbes that create an overall consistency similar to that of a liquidus gel like substance. Bubbles are seen floating throughout their body. These are gases given off by the microbes. The bubbles are moving to eventually be released from their bodies, but at a pace that doesn’t appear to move. The Woz come in various colors determined by the chemicals the microbes create which is determined by their DNA. Some Woz have dyed their bodies to change colors, but their system will eventually run it out and they must re-dye to maintain the color.

    Body Shape - The Woz take on a humanoid look and don’t seem capable of deviating much from that look. While a Woz seems capable of forming some organs for practical purposes like a makeshift voice box it is incapable of completely changing it’s shape, or adding extra appendages that it can use. They have managed to create various body and facial accessories like mimicking hair, a nose, ears, or even horns. One Woz was known to have a tail that it could make wave, but no such other cases have been recorded. Sometimes these features help them create expressions that help them better communicate with other races.

    Speech - The Woz normally communicate via simple vibrations on the surface of their body in what is an incomprehensible language to other races, but are able to form a voice box in their body and alternate vibration frequencies to emulate the speech of other Aliens.

    Sight - The Woz have two black beady eyes where most sentient lifeforms have eyes and they appear to work similar to eyes. The microbes their seem to develop differently than the rest of their bodies.

    Nervous System - The Woz nervous system in many respects is quite a mystery. What is known is that electrical impulses are transferred throughout the body from microbe to microbe giving commands. Because the system in which these impulses are sent have no structure it is not known what exactly sends off the signals to begin with, or how they are directed so microbes know which ones are being communicated to to give a proper response.

    Intelligence and Memory - The Woz have what could be described as basic intelligence on par with that of humans. The Woz memories are somehow stored almost equivalently throughout its body. A small portion of it’s body can hold all its memories, skills, experience, and personality.

    Diet - The Woz need to nourish the microbes in their body and can eat just about anything with any sort of nutrition, but usually eat various plants and fungus that also feed the microbe pools. The development of industrial farming has lead to an explosion in available food and more importantly allowed the Woz population to grow more rapidly. With the discovery of fauna from other planets the Woz have been quick to begin hunting and farming livestock leading to a rapid rise in meat consumption.

    Regeneration - The Woz has a remarkable ability to regenerate any lost parts, but regeneration takes a period of days even weeks to fully recover. The speed being dependent on the level of moisture available. If a Woz sustains too much damage it won’t have the energy and/or liquid to regenerate. Some Woz have taken the precaution of storing a portion of themselves in a jar daily(to update memories) and if the Woz perishes and doesn’t return after period of time a mechanism discharges automatically continuously feeding the Woz electricity and water till they fully regenerate. Some may see the potential for cloning, but do to a healing mechanism microbes are drawn to microbes with the exact same DNA a clone if near the original will have an immediate urge and most often do fuse into them.

    Resilience - While the Woz are capable of surviving great physical harm they are quite susceptible to disease and can be greatly sickened and killed quite quickly by any disease their bodies can’t handle. It seems the Woz don’t have a resistance unless the microbe pool they came from had managed to survive the disease, but is a risky proposition since a microbe pool can be completely destroyed by disease. The Woz seems to have an average resilience to most elements. Too much heat can cause them to dehydrate and dry into a dust, too cold and they can freeze and the membrane of their microbes are shattered by the expanding ice turning them into mush when they thaw. The Woz like moisture, but mostly in the form of air moisture like steam. If a Woz spends too much time in an open body of water their bodies soak up too much water and begin to get waterlogged and tear apart. The Woz do have quite a tolerance for toxins of various sorts giving them tolerance towards the pollution they cause.

    Reproduction - All Woz come from microbe pools. A pool is a slurry of various microbes that are constantly exchanging, creating, mutating DNA. Eventually a colony of one particular microbe begins to form and eventually a fully developed Woz crawls out. This process of reproduction yields a very high birth rate for the Woz. Originally the microbe pools were created naturally usually from the corpse of a Woz, or multiple Woz, but most today are protected and maintained in vats. While not much different from their natural counterparts they have the advantage of being protected from environmental change, or disease and sometimes experimented with.

    Gender - The Woz have no actual organic genders since all are simply born from Microbe pools. Woz are known shortly after birth to choose a body appearance, personality, and preferences that could be described as distinctly female, or male and seem to stick with it throughout a lifetime with minor exceptions. Such gender distinctions though are only noticed by other races and seem to have little relevance within Woz society.

    Development and Lifespan - The Woz is born from a microbe pool fully formed and adult, but essentially ignorant of all things and at this point is purely running on instinct. All things from language, social custom, math and writing, must all be taught by experience and education. A Woz shortly after birth instinctively takes on the shape and form that it will usually keep it’s whole life. A Woz will live it’s life until it’s DNA slowly begins to breakdown and their body begin to fall apart until they’re nothing, but a puddle on the floor. The Woz naturally can live between the ages of 50 - 70 Earth years, the oldest recorded Woz being 69. In reality the Woz life expectancy is considerably lower do to high mortality rates the result of violent accidents and disease. With most not living past 40 Earth years. The high mortality rate is compensated by their considerably greater birth rates. When a Woz dies his remains will either dissipate to the ground and sky, or will be collected and dumped into a microbe pool to offer it new DNA and material.

    Prior to the proliferation of space travel Woz technology was in the throes of Industrialization with a society running on steam and coal and a rapidly advancing society and economy. Woz society economically seemed to collapse a number of times do to hitting what appears to be a some sort of economic and technological barrier. The most common theory is that they’d abuse resources and production with little plan of sustainability and then society would collapse and see massive population drops and they’d start again. The technological development however was quite unequal. With advanced development only happening with technologies they reversed engineered from other races. So while they found the key to space travel they haven’t actually advanced in other areas very much still stuck on their steam powered technology.

    Woz Society would largely be described as Anarcho-Capitalist with no actual functioning government and a hierarchy largely defined by an ultra competitive system of privately owned enterprises with individuals operating under widely accepted Social Customs.

    Each Woz has a strong sense of individuality and are constantly striving to improve their position in life. Because the Woz have no family structure the Woz seldom look far beyond their lives which in many respects has held them back as a race, but has been somewhat made up by their very competitive nature. Personally the Woz are quite cynical only being countered by their search for opportunity which forces them to trust others. Woz society is largely built around social codes and norms that help build trust, but some particularly scammers break this code reinforcing Woz cynicism.

    A Woz will spend their lives seeking ways to garner wealth. The most common way to gaining wealth is to provide goods and services people value be a simple worker, a manager, a business owner, an inventor, or investor, and etc of means that create value, for value in return. Many Woz are also trying to do the same thing and are constantly competing and upping the anti. This competition has lead to many new advances in Woz society, but has also lead to some rather destruction and extreme acts with corporate sabotage and warfare breaking out. Despite this competition the Woz are also capable of grand levels of seamless cooperation although all based on potential personal gain. The most notable is how various private entities will seamlessly and unkowingly cooperate and sell goods to each other to create other goods. Another form is workers are constantly forming new Unions to address worker concerns, but are often looked at and treated as companies that offer workers representative services. Some Woz are known to thieve and scam, but most Woz will often work together to undo such individuals finding the gain in such cooperation even with competitors to be greater than letting such individuals run amuck.

    The Woz aren’t terribly kean on keeping complete records and only seem to record what they feel is relevant to save time, money and storage. The following include blueprints, inventions, teachings, scientific lectures and most importantly business ledgers. The single most common form of information is business ledgers describing profit and expenditures. The greatest casualty to this relevance based record keeping seems to be Woz history. Woz history is largely forgotten with the only way to gain glimpses into Woz history seemed to be from business records. For instance it appears from very old records that the Woz did once have government. Only records from later governments seem to exist and from documents seemed nothing more than charters with a set of rules and by laws with rather small enforcing mechanisms. These institutions slowly lost relevance and eventually government workers stopped going to work seeking employment elsewhere until the government record keepers quit their jobs. Sometime afterwards the last government employees all quite seeing few opportunities and decreasing relevance in the work.

    The Woz have no religion, but hold high reverence for social codes and protections often working together to work against violators. The Woz have a great reverence for the protection of a their own and by extension other Woz’s life and property. Probably the most sacred thing in Woz society is the contract. If a Woz is found violating, or not fulfilling a contract other Woz will lose trust in them and the offending Woz may never be able to make deals again losing much potential business. Disputes and accusation from charges of criminal conduct to to contractual disputes are settled in private courts. Contract disputes are often settled depending on the terms of the contract and criminal cases are often settled based on what they took and are often forced to give something of equal value in return. Often this forces criminal Woz to become the slave of other Woz which slavery is a perfectly normal custom to the Woz. A Woz can either sell themselves into slavery, or are criminals forced into it.

    New born Woz are usually taken in by other Woz as workers, but if they’re lucky are taken in as apprentices. Those that adopt other Woz are often responsible for nurturing them and basic education. The Woz they raise can leave to other opportunities whenever they want, but are expected to work for their caretaker until they’ve repaid the cost of their care. An apprentice often gets better treatment and attention towards their education. An apprentice can be very useful to a Woz mostly being able to do work that only the master can do and most others can’t. An apprentice can often expect to succeed their master upon their passing, but sometimes take on their own endeavors. Once no longer in the care of another a Woz often takes on the task of further education and charting their own path. Upon death a Woz will sometimes have a will on the fate of their assets. Usually if they were a shareholder in a corporation, or owner of a business they’ll leave their assets with the company, but often they’ll leave no arrangements and poorer younger Woz will usually organize a lottery to split the possession among themselves.

    The Woz don’t actually feel compelled to extend their social customs to other races, or alien species and only seem to make the exceptions towards other sentient creatures when it makes sense from a business perspective. When the courtesy is not extended the Woz will attempt to thieve and scam other races and enslaving them is considered entirely acceptable. Since discovering space travel finding fauna on other planets and making them beast of burden is quite popular and blood sports between animals and even sentient creatures is wildly popular to the Woz. Many Woz have even begun keeping pets one of the most popular being captured Florans.

    The Woz homeworld now simply known as Woz revolves around a blue star and is the second planet from the star out of six total. Once a swampy jungle like planet mostly covered in freshwater and flora of various kinds. When the Woz appeared they began building cities around the planet mostly centered around Microbe pools. When the Woz began to industrialize many of the Wetlands and Swamps were cleared to make way for farms. Factories polluted the planets water, ground and air. Massive mining operations tore up the earth and Urbanization cleared forests to be replaced by sprawling cities. What little of the planets natural habitat and landscape that remains has largely been preserved as the results of tourist and Woz interested in seeing nature of some sort. The Woz tolerance for toxins has allowed them to get away with such pollution.

    Woz colonies don’t fair much better and are exploited just as a their home planets. Aside from destroying and polluting the enviroments they often drive much of the local fauna into endangerment and extinction with habitat destruction and rampant hunting. If a planet is lucky the Woz would simply farm local plants and animals which is still a rather destructive process. Some sentient creatures have violently attacked Woz colonies for destroying their planets habitat and making it unlivable for them.

    No one knows exactly when, or the circumstances surrounding it, but the first Woz began crawling out of the very first microbe pool. Over time the Woz microbe pools began spreading around the planet increasing their population. Sadly do to poor record keeping of their history Woz history is largely a blank.

    Just prior to the discovery of FTL travel the Woz were entering the throes of industrialization and were building a burgeoning economy, but were rapidly depleting their planets available resources with little plans for sustainability. The Woz society was set for collapse until about 80 Earth years ago a meteor crashed on a small farm in the countryside. When the owner of the farm investigated he found something remarkable. A strange craft seemingly more advanced than anything ever seen before. From inside walked out rather tall hairy creatures who later would be known as the Apex. When the Apex pointed at him asking what his species was called he answered with Woz and when they pointed at the ground asking for the planets name he answered Woz. What the Apex didn’t know was that when they pointed at him the farmer assumed they were asking his name which was Woz and when they pointed at the ground he thought they were asking who owned the land which the farmer was trying to say he Woz owned the land. The real name the Woz call themselves is incomprehensible for any other race to pronounce. Woz overtime learned the Apex language and even amused them by shifting his face to look like them at times. When he realized they needed parts to fix their ships he offered them a contract where he’d buy them parts and materials in return for compensation. The Apex trusting Woz signed the contract. When the ship was repaired Woz seized control of the ship with help of some enforcers he hired. Apparently they signed away the rights to their spacecraft as compensation to Woz. Taking full advantage of the Apex ignorance of the situation. Woz took a huge loan and began attempting to reverse engineer the ship. Woz then hired the Apex to help reverse engineer the space travel technology who saw it as their only chance to leave the planet. After 20 years they were able to develop space travel using existing steam powered technology prevalent in Woz society. Woz founded the Woz Corporation which made a fortune selling Space Ships and Starting colony projects. It wasn't long with the Woz spreading and the Apex returning home that word of the Woz began to spread across the galaxy.

    The Woz first began colonizing other planets and moons in their system then began venturing deeper into space. Soon rapidly expanding their species throughout the galaxy and seemed prime to overtake many other species in space expansion. These ambitions were severely stifled about fifteen years ago with the Wozicide virus a horrific disease that ate away at the Woz microbes tearing the Woz body apart and destroying microbe pools. The disease spread rapidly do to the Woz’s fast paced commercial society. Most colonies were decimated and even the Woz home world was left largely empty. Less than five percent of Woz species throughout the galazy survived. in spite of the disease the Woz have been quick to rapidly rebuild their society. Still many of their old colonies and even many cities on their home planet are empty and derelict to this day.

    Below are a list of better known Woz Companies.

    Woz Corporation
    Certainly the best known business from the Woz, the now defunct Woz Corporation was founded by Woz who the species is named after in part to his company being the first name from the race most other sentient aliens saw. The Woz Corporation primarily dealt with ship building, interstellar shipping, and colony projects. The Company made quite a name for itself vigorously negotiating trade deals with many other races and plastered it's name all over most Woz colonies. Even today derelict and active colonies still bear the Companies name. By having total control of the Space Travel technology early on it quickly became a dominant figure in Space commerce and unlike most Woz businesses endured well after it's founders death(after being consumed by what should have been a friendly floran). Just when the Corporation seemed on top of it's game the Wozicide Virus hit and being a a major player in Space Travel, Shipping, Colonization, and Exploration played a significant part in the rapid spread of the virus. Most of it's employees were killed by the virus and it's colonies empty husks, this left it's infrastructure and systems in shambles leaving the company unable to function. Instead of rebuilding the company most of the surviving shareholders sold of the companies assets and salvaged what money they could from it. Leaving the company to the dustbin of history.

    Orange Agency
    Probably the best known Woz business that is still running thanks to all the news reports. The Orange Agency is a Defense Contractor founded by it's current President and Owner, General Pops Clogs Fizzy. While Woz space is full of such contractors the Orange Agency became well known to other sentient lifeforms thanks to it's well known and often questionable defense of Planets against wild floran hordes. Some would call their methods thorough and effective while others would call them ruthless and destructive. There heavy use of incendiary weapons has often left the natural habitat of many planets in worse shape than when they got their and a noted practice by Orange Agency soldiers is they scalp the floran captives for their leafy head dresses which are valued as decorations by the Woz. Whatever one may think of their practices they've thus far proven effective. Some even reported the Florans fleeing at sight of the agency's logo. Interestingly enough the Orange Agency will actually refuse most jobs outside of fighting florans. They seem to treat the whole affair as more of an extermination than actual war.

    Jammy Logistics
    A Fresh Water Distribution service they're known for transporting and distributing water and other liquid refreshments across the galaxy particularly to planets lacking fresh water. The company was founded by Jammy Tea Monebags who more, or less came across the concept when he stopped on a rather barren planet to do repairs on his ship. He stumbled upon a group of Hylotl refugees desperate for some water. Like any Woz he took full advantage of the situation and sold the Hylotl's water for just about everything they had of value. Jammy figured he could make a fortune selling fresh water to water desperate places like Desert Planets and founded Jammy Logistics. The whole thing was going great for Jammy until after a string of good bets he decided to bet his controlling share of the company against someone else's controlling share of their company. As you probably guessed Jammy's luck ran out when he lost the bet and control of the company to a beverage maker named Coko Braches Maraschino. Coko managed to take the company to new heights thanks to expanding the business from simple water distribution to include delicious beverages.

    The Filch Conglomerate
    In many respects Filch can be considered the spiritual successor of the Woz Corporation for it's size and influence on the interstellar community, but is also noted for it's unsavory practices and being associated with some rather terrible incidents. Filch's founders and even who owns and runs the company is somewhat of a mystery, all that is known is shortly after the Wozicide took it's course a number of firms came together and formed the conglomerate. The Conglomerates two largest branches are Filch Technologies which is the leader in Woz Space Ship manufacturing and Filch Armaments which manufacturers weapons. Another important wing is Filch Laboratories an Aggressive Research and Development firm that has a particular focus on reverse engineering alien tech. It also has a dubious reputation for going to rather great and dubious lengths to obtain the technology in the first place. Probably the part of the conglomerate that has garnered it he most controversy with the interstellar community is the Filch PMC which unlike the Orange Company will get mixed in any conflict for the right price. The PMC has managed to tilt galactic conflicts in one sides, or the others favor. The PMC along with Filch armaments have been shown in the past to commit acts of war profiteering and genocide. Filch has been found selling weapons and mercenaries to both sides of the conflict and enslaving the inhabitants of entire worlds. It infamously used asteroid drops to completely destroy the surface of planets. Despite all this bad PR Filch has been wildly profitable thanks to the fact most Woz don't seem to care how Filch deals with other races.

    Most Woz aren't compelled to extend their usual social customs and rights to other sentient lifeforms like they do fellow Woz. So most Woz have no quarrel with abusing, enslaving, and killing peoples of other races. The only thing that keeps the Woz from making enemies with all races is it just isn't always good business. Often more is to be gained trading and working with them than spending resources to fight and oppress them. Because the Woz lack any sort of central government there is no way to operate with the Woz species as a whole and the government of various races need to make deals and treaties with various Woz corporations and companies and even then not all Woz organizations will cooperate with them. Some organizations they sign treaties with may go out of business making diplomatic efforts pointless at times. A town can sign a trade deal with one group of Woz then have another group come and raid them the next day. Any hope for a sort of long term relationship, or consistent strategy with the Woz as a whole seems quite fruitless.

    Human experience with the Woz is largely negative. Because the humans currently lack central authority, societies, or defense the Woz have found them easy pickings for enslavement and exploitation. If you aren’t made a slave the Woz may go to your settlement and refugee camp and offer to open factories which often have horrible conditions and poor compensation. Although some Human settlements particularly those well protected and overseen by the USCM tend to have better trade relations with the Woz who find it more difficult to take advantage of them, but still pursue business opportunity.

    Apex relations with most Woz are tenuous because of a rampant rumor that it was the MiniKnog that created and spread the Wozicide. It’s believed that the MiniKnog was afraid the Woz would overrun and overtake the galaxy. Still the Woz albeit cautiously continue to do business with Big Ape, but many Woz companies are supporting and funding the Resistance feeling a less totalitarian Apex would be less threatening and easier to do business with.

    Avian relations with the Woz are split two ways. The Central Theocracy that rules over most Avians doesn’t seem interested in doing much business with the Woz and even outright hostile to them at times. On the other hand the Heretics who’ve been driven from the rest of Avian society have formed rather good business relations with most Woz, but some Woz have attacked and enslaved Heretic Avians sometimes being payed by the Avian Theocracy to do so.

    Floran and Woz have one of the strangest relationships of all. Florans find the Woz to be delicious beverages in many respects the Floran taste for Woz juices is almost like a hard addiction craving more and more and going into a rather terrible withdrawal when denied more. The Woz on the other hand find the Florans to be rather beautiful and great exotic pets with a mix of danger. The colorful leaves on their heads are seen as possible decorations. Woz poaching has become a lucrative, but dangerous business. Unfortunately the Poachers largely attack more peaceful and intelligent Floran villages finding them easy pickings compared to the more common ravenous flesh eating Floran tribes. Still a Woz won’t attack, or immediately attack all Florans assuming any Floran in a settlement is someones pet/slave.

    Glitch are largely seen by the Woz as nothing more than tools and scrap metal and don’t really recognize their sentient status so much, but they’ve found subduing the Glitch who are effective at fighting back too costly and find that it’s much more profitable to work and deal with them instead of trying to enslave them. Still if a Glitch is unfortunate enough to break down in the middle of nowhere and a Woz picks them up they’ll declare finders keepers and reprogram them into their slave and if that fails they’ll just scrap them for cash.

    Hylotl have one of the better relations with the Woz mainly because subjugating them doesn't yield much result. The Hylotl are too proud to be told what to do as slaves, are useless in the fighting pits advocating pacifism as they're about to be disemboweled, or be low wage workers for the Woz finding much of the work demeaning. On the other hand Hylotl goods are quite popular with the Woz who find many of their artisan crafts and products of high quality and much desire so many Woz businesses and traders have established strong trade relations with the Hylotls.

    Novakid aren't really a race the Woz know what to do with. As far as most Woz are concerned they're pretty unreliable and useless. Attempts at enslavement usually just pissed off the independent Novakid who prefer to fight to the bitter end than be told what to do. They've tried hiring the Novakid for jobs, but they just get bored of it and they stop coming to work after a couple of months. Can't offer them any long term contracts they'll forget about them before they get started. They have managed some small scale trade and to hire them for some quick and dirty jobs when they're on hand, but for the most part the Woz don't have much care, or use for the gas bags.
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    Partly a bump for this thread, but I also wanted to let people know I've placed a few new additions and edited and updated some things. I'm also working on a possible overhaul for the Society & Culture section.
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    I take it your not a fan of capitalism? I actually have an idea of a Capitalist, Victorian, steam-punk race of my own.
  4. ShamanMcLamie

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    Was that Sarcasm? No I'm actually a pretty big believer of Capitalism. The big thing to note is the Woz aren't Humans and very different in some respects.
  5. Ixmore

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    it was a honest question and statement. If your planning on making yours into a mod like I'm planning on mine, I could send you what I have complete of the tier-1 armor
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    OK I wasn't sure mainly because I didn't think I wrote anything blatantly negative about Capitalism.

    Thanks for the offer, I'd certainly like to see what you have and I have entertained the idea of a mod, but I have no experience modding Starbound and not much of a sprite artist. I'm mainly waiting for the next stable update before deciding to disembark on a mod project and I'd probably try and find someone to make the sprites.
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    I'm not much of a sprite artist either but here's what i made based off the red coats I'm planning my tier armor on energy sources. You have my blessing to use this.

    ps: if you finish the sleeves and head, I'd appreciate it if you send it to me.

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    you know this idea isn't bad...not bad at all,
    a slimey race who takes capitalism to a new level is very interesting indeed.
    I shall keep an eye on this, as I am intrigued on how this shapes out.
    (no pun intended)
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    Aw....is this abandoned or something?
    I hope not, I honestly enjoy the slime race a lot...
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    No it's not, but I've had other priorities as of late. I still frequent the boards to check alerts and stuff.
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    i did a draw
    chibis are not my forte
    but it was pretty fun
    i hope you like it o3o
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    I'm bringing this back. I kind of took a break from Starbound till 1.0 was released also I was just busy. Unfortunately around the time 1.0 was released I was suffering a lot of unusual pain which turned out to be cancer. The pain is for the most part gone and while I'm not out of the woods yet with the cancer I'm feeling good enough to give this suggestion some attention again. From time to time I have made small changes to the Original post.

    What I'm really interested in at the moment is getting a mod put together. What I need the most right now is art assets. If anyone is willing to lend some help with the pixel art that would be great. Also any art of any kind of this race is well appreciated. Now that the game is fully out I'd like to get something put together.
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    So I was mulling over the ship pet for the Woz recently and originally I was thinking simple slimes that you see in a lot of games and such, but then I remembered this bit of shameless Capitalist Enterprise and realized that they would be the perfect pet for the Woz.


    I can just imagine the Rock rolling around your ship with it's googly eyes shaking about and just looking silly. I imagined they became popular for the Woz seeing pets as status symbols, but not wanting to pay the cost in taking care of them. So the Pet Rock seemed ideal. You can say you have a pet without putting in any of the maintenance that usually goes into taking care of them.
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    Relten The Waste of Time

    Alroight mate, I could 'elp ya on ya mission ta' mayke tha' Woz. Jus' give me sum advice on wot ya loike an' I can try ta' mayke eit.

    In all seriousness though, I can try to make a few pixelated assets for you. All you need to do is just point me in the right direction, and I shall try my best.
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  15. ShamanMcLamie

    ShamanMcLamie Big Damn Hero

    Thanks a ton for offering to help work on the mod.:DD

    What I need for the mod at the moment is everything! :V
    The main thing that needs to get done is probably just basic character art assets for the Woz in the game. Starting with the basic body and getting it put in with multiple colors. Before we get there I probably need to reacquaint myself with Starbound modding which I'll be able to work on when I get home tomorrow and work at my home computer.

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