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Xbox One Version: 2.0.1

Discussion in 'Support' started by gentiljarjar, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. gentiljarjar

    gentiljarjar Space Hobo


    I played from few months to this very cool game, but since the last Xbox1, 2.0.1 update there is some thing who now are impossible.

    Here some example in puzzle problems :

    puzzle 22. Sedge start with is full life. Before update he start with 7 life.

    puzzle 23. Tenri the commander have her groove start with75%, and the mission need to transport a citizen with a caravan (12 moovement) very far away. It's cleary impossible without the Tenri groove.

    And in all puzzle there are more enemi and less units to kill them.
    So i hope after the update you did again all missions, and won them in rank S ^^

    Thank you for reading, have a good day.
    • VillaVanilla

      VillaVanilla Space Hobo

      I have the same problem on puzzle 22, cant yet confirm the problem with puzzle 23.
      I tried for a hour to solve 22 but it seems not possible, like stated in the first post the main problem is that Sedge starts with 100% health instead of ~70%.

      Just realized that i had the same problem with Tenri on puzzle 16, all the videos online show her starting with full Groove but currently she starts with 75%. I was able to finish 16 without it but might be a Tenri specific problem?
      • VillaVanilla

        VillaVanilla Space Hobo

        Note: they just updated it on the 18th, they fixed the issues.

        Just checked myself, and Tenri has her Groove charged. They did change her Groove's charge speed in the Double Trouble update so it's possible they simply glitched up her puzzle's Groove.

        As for Ryota (Puzzle 22), they buffed his Groove in the Double Trouble update (from 45% to 50% his normal damage, and then an additional 5% for every "jump" he makes), so I think that's why they buffed Sedge's health and not to change the solution. Just plan around doing a few more jumps and its doable!


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